How Do You Use A Glass Bong?

You must have properly prepared tobacco to use in your bong at home, and you will light the tobacco so that the bong will force the smoke through each arm in the bong.

The glass bong looks great in most homes, and it will hold up to heavy use because the glass is typically fairly heavy. This article explains how you may use a glass bong at home for your own recreational activities.

#1: Invite People Over

You may invite people over to your home to use the glass bong you have created, and you must ensure that you have a bong that will suit everyone. You may make one with many arms, or you may purchase a bong with many arms. Everyone who is using a bong at home expects to have many people over, and it is best to have a bong that is quite large. Only personal users have small bongs in the house.

#2: Use A Proper Lighter
You must use a proper lighter that will reach into the bong. You cannot light your bong with a match for fear of creating too much smoke, and you do not want to leave the wood from a matchstick inside the bong.

You may use glass bongs at home that you made yourself, and you may invite people over to use the bong. Becoming a glass blower is an option, and you will have an amazing recreational design piece in the house.